Guitar Music, Autumn 2012

by Ero Gray

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The Spirit 01:12
Dark Hollows 03:11
Only Kids 03:37
Hold Still 02:14
New Again 04:12


This is a set of improvised guitar meditations recorded over a weekend in late September, 2012, at home. I recorded perhaps three hours total, and then edited out a large quantity of unlistenable bits and meowing cats and tuning and whatnot. What's left is presented here in the order it was recorded. It sounds pretty good to my ears and I hope that it does to your ears too.

I am not an innovative or technically clever guitarist, though I have now been playing for decades; and I don't have much interest in inventing any new techniques or challenging anyone's assumptions about anything. This album is also not, to the best of my knowledge, particularly exciting or dramatic. What I am trying to do is to make music that feels true and real, and that makes you feel a little better after you've heard it. I've come to realize that most of the music that is nearest to my heart is gentle, calm and melancholy. So this is what I present to you: meditations on guitar which intend to be, in their small way, true and beautiful. That's all. If it works, that's enough for any musician to hope for. If it doesn't work, it was worth the attempt.

The first track, and perhaps the entire album, was inspired by a handful of recordings of singers performing Rag Bhimpalasi (notably, recordings by Terry Riley and by Kishori Amonkar). I used a specifically Bhimpalasi-oriented guitar tuning (which I don't quite remember now, and somehow forgot to write down) in order to incline myself toward the mood of that raga, and then I let my improvisations follow the directions that the tuning led me. I don't claim that any of the music here actually follows the rules and requirements of that or any other raga; I'm a naive and clueless beginner when it comes to Indian music, and wouldn't presume to even attempt performing a raga properly for several years yet. I did however hope to capture some of the late-afternoon mood of it. If I didn't succeed in that, that's okay too.

I do believe that this album successfully captures some subtle gradations of emotion, and I hope you enjoy listening. Let me know what you think.


released November 4, 2012




Ero Gray Portland, Oregon

Ero has been involved in making music for many decades in all sorts of unrelated genres, with a wide variety of instruments and technologies. He prefers not to know what he's doing.

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